Safe font settings?

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Stephen Garcia asked 4 years ago

Love the ability to add text/images in line with the caption timeline!
Any way we can save font-templates/settings in this tab? The Templates function lets me save the font settings for the existing Headlines on the main tab, but I have to re-adjust the settings for every in-line text I add to the timeline in the captions tab.

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Craig Staff asked 4 years ago

Sorry if I re-answered this a couple of times. Wrong account. Is the main issue here loading a template into a brand new video or are you wanting to use a different layout on the same video?
- Craig

Stephen Garcia replied 4 years ago

The issue is: under the captions tab when editing, when clicking the options icon in a caption block and clicking “Add text”, that text’s font settings don’t save when I want to add text in line with another caption.

I just edited a video with 5 main points, and I wanted them to appear in bigger text (not subtitles) on screen when the speaker got to them. Each time I added a new one I had to re-select the font size, color, type, etc.