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Cesar Delgadillo asked 2 years ago

Can I upload a video and not use the captions option, I just want to use the boders and timer.

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Craig Staff asked 2 years ago

Hi Cesar. yes you can. When you upload it, under the languages option, choose the option that says no transcription.

However, you will lose a good bit of functionality as our editor depends on your text. So you won’t be able to edit out sections of your video as all of this happens in the subtitle editor.

So, at the least I would upload an SRT file, but if you just don’t want the subtitles to show, in the editor, there is a little eye icon on the SUBTITLE DESIGN BAR that has the subtitle editing options. You can just turn them off so they don’t show on your video, but still have the editing ability in the subtitle editor. That would be my recommendation.