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Martyn Kelland asked 4 years ago

Hi Craig

I purchased clipscribe yesterday and was full of excitement that this app could take my videos to another level and help improve my engagement. But I’m having a few problems and it is not very user friendly at all – I’m finding.

When trying to edit the text for my subtitle, my keypad pops up on my phone and covers where I’m typing and editing so I cannot read what I am writing if that makes sense? This is highly frustrating and I am only a day into using clipscribe. I am gutted because this looks so professional and slick when you see it all completeld in the demos but I feel getting it all done just appears very time consuming and not user friendly via mobile. And i take alot of videos on the fly and never really want to use my lap top much. Also unless I have missed something, I cannot see my subtitles at the bottom being displayed?

When will they be added to the video?

Also I think there maybe a glitch on this section because as I am writing this to you, it keeps making me touch the space bar twice to leave a gap with each word. This is also hugely frustrating becasue we obviously type on auto pilot and press it the once and carry on typing.

I hope these issues can be resolved.

Many thanks


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Craig Staff asked 4 years ago

Hi Martyn!

Thanks for this feedback.

I am going to shoot you an email so I can get some more details and try to resolve any issues you are having. I am guessing you are on android and I will have a few questions so I can check to see what’s up on that particular device.

Look for my email and if you don’t see it let me know here.

  • Craig