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Kevin Hurley asked 4 years ago

Hi there,

For some reason today my subtitles are not central below my video, that is in the centre of the box. It keeps moving them and I’m not sure why. Can you help please?


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Craig Staff asked 4 years ago

Hey Kevin! The box around your subtitles is a fixed height when you save. However, if you save and that box is on a shorter subtitle, it could be saved too short for another longer subtitle.

So, that is what that MAKE message is about.

If it happens, take a look at the subtitles box as we will replace your text with the longest line in your subtitles. Reposition as needed and click MAKE again and your video will make.

This has been this way for a while, but I have had a few issues with it over the last couple of days, so I am going to rework this today/tomorrow.

I clicked MAKE for you and your video is in process. Anything else you need let me know.



Kevin Hurley replied 4 years ago

Hi Craig, I’m sorry, I’m still not geting this. I’ve tried to go in and change things and save it but the same thing is happenening. Is it possible to see a screenflow or recording of this actually being fixed? It would help a lot! Kevin.

Craig Staff replied 4 years ago

Hey Kevin, yes definitely. I will send you a video. Back in just a bit.

Craig Staff asked 4 years ago

Ok Kevin, I made a video to show you what I am doing.

If it is another video I need to look at let me know. I just did your two most recent videos.

If you are on a mobile device let me know.

My mic wasn’t working on these, so I did them without sound.

I would make these Loom videos fill screen to see the details:

What I am doing is:

  1. Click Make.
  2. The system is looking for your longest subtitle and puts it into the box.
  3. I readjust the positioning as needed.
  4. Click MAKE again.

If you can send me a video if this doesn’t make sense, that would be awesome.