Optimized for Facebook – (Videos always blury when i use on Facebook)

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Simon Osamoh asked 3 years ago

I use Adobe Premier Pro for my videos and when i optimize at either 720p or 1080p i cannot get your videos to be clar on facebook. I uploaded the same video at 720p and 1080p without using your software and it wasnt blury. I love using your system but this is an issue. Do you have any idea what is causing this?Thanks,Simon

Simon Osamoh replied 3 years ago

Hi Craig, when I download them to either my dropbox or desktop they seem fine but when uploaded the files to Facebook the resolution never gets above 640p even when I code them as 1080p or 720p. I have attached two links for Facebook so you can see what I mean. The second is just the video uploaded to Facebook and you will see it holds the 720p quality.

Example with low quality resolution: https://fb.watch/5do01Mh2Xz/
A Facebook example coded the same without your template holding the 720p quality: https://fb.watch/5do5Vs1gZb/

If you want to look at the videos I’m referring to in your platform look at these ones:


This could be a Facebook thing but like I said if I upload the raw file its seems ok.


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Craig Staff asked 3 years ago

Hey Simon! Can you point me towards one of the videos you see this issue with?

i.e. "Version 2" or "Shug Mini".

Let me know and I will start to dig in.



Craig Staff asked 3 years ago

OK Simon. Thanks for the info.

So, yeah Facebook is really weird with this. I have run several tests with videos that were both full HD and 4K with various codecs and they still only show them at 640px.

So, even if you fix it, the fix may not work as there doesn’t seem to be much rhyme or reason. I think they have an algorithm that looks at several factors to decide how to handle the videos uploaded.

Here is what I would do:

  1. Make sure your original video uploaded to ClipScribe is always 1920X1080. (or for vertical, 1080X1920).
  2. We have quality settings you can access by using the little gear icon on the editor page (next to the MAKE and SAVE buttons). While I generally don’t recommend adjusting these, you can play with them to up the quality of the finished video. However, I have noticed that sometimes this doesn’t even make a difference.
  3. If you find that a 1920 px wide video is still not being recognized as HD by FB, just let me know. I can enable a more sophisticated export option, but the downside is, it will be pretty huge as far as file size goes, but this option does seem to solve the problem.

One side note… I do find that video creators/marketers often open the video up into a separate window to inspect it or watch it full-screen. I would say that 99% of Facebook users aren’t ever going to do this. The vast majority of FB users are going to watch square videos within the feed and there, a video that goes up to 1280px or 1920px is not really necessary as the max width of videos watched in the feed is right around 680px. I don’t think most viewers are going to notice. That said, I understand you want your videos to look the very best they possibly can under all circumstances.

If you have a video you uploaded to FB that was full 1920X1920 and your original uploaded video was also 1920X1080, let me know. It looked like the one you mentioned was uploaded as 1280X720. And if you still can’t get FB to recognize it as full HD we can try the other export option. This problem is solvable. Ideally, however, I would like to solve it in the easiest way so you aren’t having to download and upload multi-gigabyte files.