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Jonathan Cannovan asked 3 years ago


I have a 2 minute square video that i made in ClipScribe and i want it to appear on my homepage.

Currently i just uploaded the .mp4 file to my wordpress page / web hosting.

However, I have a Vimeo account and normally whenever i add videos to my website i always use the vimeo embed code – otherwise hosting the video on my own wordpress web hosting will slow down my whole site, slow down the video and basically put an additional burden/costs on my web hosting? Does everyone agree with this, or am i mistaken?

Problem i have is i have a square video – and as far as i know Vimeo won’t let you embed/display square videos. So can anyone recommend a video hosting platform that allows square videos?

Or is a 2 minutes .mp4 file for a video on your homepage not a big deal?

The clipscribe website has a video ad the top (cleverly using a mobile image behind it to look nice…) – as far as i can see, it’s not hosted on vimeo, wistia, tc – so maybe using a vimeo hosting platform is not necessary?

Please let me know what you recommend on how to best host my square video



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Craig Staff asked 3 years ago

Hi Jonathan!

Totally understand the issue here.

As far as hosting the video on your own site, it depends on a number of factors, primarily bandwidth (how much of it your site host allows) and traffic (how many people visit your site.)

I host ours on our own site and it has been fine.

However, my utlimate recommendation is not to use the square layout for your website.

The square layout is really idea for social media where you have to grab attention as people scroll through the feed, but it isn’t so applicable on a website. The only reason I use it on our home pages is because it is a selling point to show the types of videos you can create, but on our blogs and tutorials, I only use the horizontal version, so that is one way to look at it.

If you really want to go square though, on the editor page where you edit and make your video there is a settings icon (looks like a gear up by the SAVE and MAKE buttons.). I would click that and you can choose your export resolution. I would choose 1280 or 960. Most websites don’t display beyond 1200 pixels, so you don’t need a 1920X1080 video and this will help with your bandwidth.

Happy to answer any other questions for you.



Jonathan Cannovan replied 3 years ago

Thanks Craig – I’ll reconsider using a square video on my homepage, and probably go with a rectangle one instead


Craig Staff replied 3 years ago

@Jonathan Cannovan Yeah you could use a horizontal video and then put in your own headline in html rather than builtinto the video itself. The benefit there is you get the SEO value of the text. If you look at our home page down towards the bottom you will see one of our videos there. You can get the same benefit of the title/headline without it needing to be a square video.

However, if you really want to use square you definitely can. But yeah, it would be more difficult to go through Vimeo to do that.
– Craig