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George Missiha asked 1 week ago

Hi ,

I want to update about my cancellation of the account? I didn’t hear any update from you guys.

Craig Staff replied 1 week ago

@George Missiha Hi George. Can you give me some more information on what you are asking here?

I checked through our emails for another message from you but couldn’t find one.

Are you wanting to cancel your account? Also, What email would you or Account be under?


George Missiha replied 1 week ago

Hi Craig, I ask for cancellation of my account last September 9,2021 .

My account is under

Thank you

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Craig Staff answered 6 days ago

Ah got it George.

Yep I am showing your account is set to cancel before your next renewal, so you are all good to go.

If you need anything else, please let me know.



George Missiha replied 5 days ago

Just to confirm , did you charge me for another year?

Because I can see on my subscription that I am charged. The account was renewed last September 9 and I also cancel the same day.

Craig Staff replied 4 days ago

@George Missiha Hey George. I am showing you went in and cancelled, but it was after it already renewed. To avoid re-billing, you generally would need to cancel before the renewal. Presently your account is set to pending-cancellation which needs it will be cancelled when your next renewal comes up and will not renew further.
Are you saying you are wanting a refund?
– Craig

George Missiha replied 4 days ago

If possible to have a refund because I’m not using it already . I didn’t track my calendar when it got renewed. So when I received the email that my account is renewed , I log-in right ahead to cancel it .


Craig Staff replied 3 days ago

@George Missiha Sure thing George. You are all set.
Thanks much!

George Missiha replied 2 days ago

Thank you so much, Craig . Your software help me a lot . Thank you