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quinonesnoemygmail-com asked 3 years ago


I so tried fixing the video recorded words but couldnt. .Words like please to be place, missing a % , I cannot recall the others.

Also, I tried downloaded but nothing happened.

If you show me how to correct the recorded words ill do it. And what happens after i saved then hit make?.Why can’t isee it? i was hoping to meet my deadline but couldn’t.


quinonesnoemygmail-com replied 3 years ago

I found how to fix the text and saved the changes. But it didn’t up date even after I clicked update. How is this done. I want to post today.

Craig Staff replied 3 years ago

Hi @quinonesnoemygmail-com To save your work, click the SAVE button, but if you want your changes to appear on your downloaded video you have to MAKE it again.
Similar to printing a document, you can save your changes in your word processor, but that won’t change the text on your printed document, so you have to re-print.

Once you have all your changes the way you want them click MAKE and your video will be processed and then you can click the Download button to download.

If you need further help let me know.