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platmultiatlasgmail-com asked 4 years ago
Hi good day. I just purchased clipscribe and I discovered that Chrome doesn't allow me to change the font size. In Microsoft, it allows me to change the font size but does not allow me to continue seeing more subtitles and the audio continues without being able to see more. In Firefox it happens to me that it allows me to extend letters but the same with subtitles. What happen?
Craig Staff replied 4 years ago

Ok, on the subtitles part, I see the issue. The video continues, when it should automatically stop. I will resolve that. But, to see the next set of subtitles click the VIEW MORE button at the bottom.
I tested on Chrome and Firefox on PC and was able to adjust the subtitle size without any problems. Can you let me know which video this is so I can see if it is a problem specific to that video?