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Kent Krafsky asked 4 years ago

Hello Craig,
I made the video CC_WCR-WR Intro_F and need to make a couple of changes to it. Would I be able to do that without re-uploading the video again? Thanks for all the help you’ve provided. I really appreciate it! Best 

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Craig Staff asked 4 years ago

Sure, you can edit the video you were already working on by going to the IN PROGRESS tab on the My Videos page.  Or you can just start a new layout by clicking the plus sign on the video on the My Videos page.
No need to re-upload.  Unless you have to make fundamental changes to the video itself i.e. you are wanting to re-edit it in your editor or add in other footage, which is not what ClipScribe is made for.  
Then you might need to do that and re-upload the new version.
Otherwise, if you just want to create a new design, or change your subtitles or something like that, you can use the currently uploaded video and it doesn’t count against your minutes.