Sandy Sinden asked 2 years ago

How do I know which ratio to follow. For exacmple there is a FB icon on all of the ratio’s that pull up. Which one should I use?

Craig Staff replied 2 years ago

@Sandy Sinden Hi Sandy! It depends on what you are wanting to do. Facebook will accept all sizes, but it depends do you want it to be shown in the feed or are you wanting to post it to stories? Do you want the video to be square with the bars on the top and bottom for headlines? If you can let me know what platforms you want to target and what segments of those platforms, I can make some suggestions (i.e. i want to post to Instagram Reels or I want to post to LinkedIN feed or Facebook Feed or Facebook Reels/Stories. Or if you aren’t sure you can let me know that too and I can make some suggestions. Some of it is dependent on how long your videos are as well, so if you want to give me an average length that could help to.

Sandy Sinden replied 2 years ago

I’m doing YT, IG Post, IG Reel and FB Post, FB Reel

Craig Staff replied 2 years ago

@Sandy Sinden ok gotcha. Will take me a minute to lay this out and am about to head to bed, but first thing in the AM I will give you a good write-up or video to show you exactly what I would do.
– Craig

Sandy Sinden replied 2 years ago

Were you able to get to this Craig?

2 Answers
Craig Staff asked 2 years ago

I was just on my morning walk and as I got back near my house I thought, "Oh no, I forgot to send Sandy what she asked…" Came in to do it and saw your message. I’m so sorry. A bit distracted with some new updates.

What I would do is this:

  1. Since you are uploading horizontal videos, I would start with the square layout, design it however you want to:

    You can use this on FB feed, LinkedIN feed and IG Feed.

  2. Then once you have it designed and saved/made, click the COPY button at the top of the editor and choose the vertical option. When you click COPY it will ask you if you want to clone the subtitles or use the master, you can choose either one.

    Master means that this video will use the original set of subtitles (i.e. if you make a subtitle change on the square version you just created it will change on this new vertical video. If you clone them, it will make a copy so that any subtitle changes you make will only be for that video.)

    You can use this for FB and IG Reels, Snapchat, TikTok, any platform that is vertical only.

    If you want it to be full screen without the bars let me know and I can show you how but you would have to zoom in on your video and could lose some quality.

  3. Then save/make and click COPY again.

    This time, you are going to copy and I would probably choose CLONE subtitles since you are going to copy to horizontal and your subtitles might have to be adjusted.

    You probably want to remove your headlines, etc. here. make the subtitle font smaller and on a single line.

    Click MAKE and download.

    The horizontal video you can use for YouTube or you could put it on your website.

Hope this helps. You might also check out my content compounding course where I go over this in video form:

https://clipscribe.com/content-compounding-course/ (need to be logged in to view.)

Let me know what questions you have.



Craig Staff asked 2 years ago

Sorry the horizontal option looks like this: