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Tony Bracamonte asked 3 years ago

I’ve watched your IGTV cut, and quite frankly I am very frustrated now because its not working. When I design in a square, my video becomes a square and the template I chose goes all haywire… I need like as simple as possible and I thought that this would help me get that but following all your steps and its still not working, PLEASE HELP!

Craig Staff replied 3 years ago

@Tony Bracamonte Hi Tony! I am so sorry you are having trouble with this. Let me take a look for you. I assume this is your empaths video?
I am going to need to login to your account so I can see what is going on, so I will do that now (it will kick you out FYI.)
I will get you sorted out here.
Thanks for letting me know you were having trouble.

Craig Staff replied 3 years ago

@Tony Bracamonte Hey Tony, ok, I think I am going to need some more details.
So, I looked at your square version and everything looks good. I downloaded the video you made and all looks good there too.

Then, I see you attempted to create a vertical version for IGTV and everything looks good there too. If you click MAKE on that one, you will be all set.

Is it another video you are having issues with? I just need more details so I can recreate what is going on.

Oh, ok… I do see on one of your versions you tried to use a full square without any bars and yes, that would cause some issues and explains why you said your video becomes a square because we have to crop the video to fit in that case.

So, maybe this is all sorted out? If not, just let me know.