Saved template not showing up

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Nicola Kane asked 3 years ago

Hi – I have duplicated my clipscribe movie, as I want to use the same branded template again (I created it in the original movie). I chose the "Save as new template" option, but when I edit the copy and choose to select a template my new template is not there. Tried logging in and out but no joy. Is there a step I am missing here?

Thanks – and so far loving Clipscribe by the way!


Craig Staff replied 3 years ago

@Nicola Kane You might be thinking a template saved for one layout will show up on all layouts, but templates are layout dependent.
You would need to port your template over and re-save it for any other layouts.
So lets say you start with the square version and you already created a template for it, or you start from scratch.
After you save or make your video you would then need to click the COPY button to copy your design over to another layout, then re-arrange anything you need to, click SAVE and then save that layout as a new template. Then you will see it show up when you choose that layout.

You can repeat that process as needed for as many layouts you like. But again, templates are layout dependent and your saved template will only show up under the layout it fits.

Does this help?