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Robert Stern asked 3 years ago

my video is 3:47 seconds long, it only scribed 228 seconds of it. How do I get it to do the rest?

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Craig Staff asked 3 years ago

Hi Robert,

I believe that 228 seconds is the same number of seconds in 3:47?

3 minutes * 60 is 180 seconds plus 47 seconds comes to 227 (rounded up to 228), so everything looks to be in order?

FYI the system won’t pick up singing too well, so it will definitely be hit or miss (probably more miss) with the transcription, but the timing looks right?

Let me know if I am missing something here.



Robert Stern replied 3 years ago

Ok So I will have to reformat it manually then

Craig Staff replied 3 years ago

@Robert Stern Hey Robert, let me know what you are trying to do and I will make a video showing you the quickest way to do it. Is it that you are just needing to manually enter the words?

Robert Stern replied 3 years ago

well the video is as you see in my account is 3:47 seconds long but it stopped early. I cleaned up all of it to the end of what it did. It’s the ending I need to do from scratch