Serious issue with merging down and creating new blocks

HelpdeskCategory: QuestionsSerious issue with merging down and creating new blocks
doriedorieclark-com asked 4 years ago

I love the new concepts of being able to split blocks into new blocks with the time following them and merging text into the next block, but there are some serious overlapping issues.
When I split a block of text, half of the time it will make a new block and royally screw up the timing. Right now in my most recent upload at about 65 seconds into the video, the block has become about 17 seconds long, with 8 blocks after it that happen before the time that the block at 65 seconds is done. It’s impossible to make edits with these new functions right now and fairly frustrating. While it’d be helpful if when you split a block or merged text down to the next block clipscribe would automatically split up the timing of the block so you only had to fine tune it instead of clicking on the trackpad twenty times to adjust things, I’d settle right now for just being able to edit the video by adding new blocks and not having the timing of previous blocks overlap future blocks that I can’t edit, because it doesn’t understand shortening a new time block’s length that follows a block who’s duration on the timeline is later than the one after it. Please help me out here.
When I go to simply add a new block, it doesn’t show up half the time.

Craig Staff replied 4 years ago

Thank you for this feedback. I believe I just fixed one of these issues actually. I sent you an email about the others. I am working on it now.
– Craig

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Craig Staff asked 4 years ago

Ok Dorie,

I believe I sorted all of these features out. Make sure you refresh the job you are working on and if you have any further issues let me know.

My apologies for the trouble. I thought I had everything working well, but apparently not, but much appreciate the bug report as always!!

– Craig