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Zach Story asked 4 years ago

Hey guys,
We need help figuring this out: we upload 16:9 videos, with high resolution, select “horizontal” format, and after Clipscribe processes it, the output is vertical.
Please advise.

Zach Story replied 4 years ago

Hey Craig,

let me know if you have any updates… are we doing something wrong?

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Craig Staff asked 4 years ago

Hi Zach,
Can you link me to the editor page for this particular video?
– Craig

Zach Story replied 4 years ago

It’s actually any of the videos in my account

Craig Staff replied 4 years ago

Hey Zach! I thought I answered this yesterday. Maybe I didn’t click send. My apologies.
So, I went to the video above and I downloaded it. The end result was square which is correct as that is a square layout.
So, I am not quite following what you mean when you say the output is vertical?

Your video is still horizontal, but it is within a square layout, which again is normal.

If you want, we can hop on a zoom call and discuss this, so let me know.

– Craig