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Zach Story asked 10 months ago

Hey guys,
We need help figuring this out: we upload 16:9 videos, with high resolution, select “horizontal” format, and after Clipscribe processes it, the output is vertical.
Please advise.

Zach Story replied 10 months ago

Hey Craig,

let me know if you have any updates… are we doing something wrong?

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Craig Staff answered 10 months ago

Hi Zach,
Can you link me to the editor page for this particular video?
– Craig

Zach Story replied 10 months ago

It’s actually any of the videos in my account

Craig Staff replied 10 months ago

Hey Zach! I thought I answered this yesterday. Maybe I didn’t click send. My apologies.
So, I went to the video above and I downloaded it. The end result was square which is correct as that is a square layout.
So, I am not quite following what you mean when you say the output is vertical?

Your video is still horizontal, but it is within a square layout, which again is normal.

If you want, we can hop on a zoom call and discuss this, so let me know.

– Craig