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Paul Plewman asked 3 years ago

For the past couple of days, the turnaround time has been woefully slow. From the point of receiving confirmation that the video has been successfully updated, to getting the email confirming that the subtitles are read has extended way past the 5mins.

I have even uploaded the video a couple of times, fearing that it may have been lost along the way. Yesterday, about half an hour after upload, I received all the uploads ready for editing. Today I have been waiting even longer and it is impacting the rest of my days.

Please confirm what the service issue is and when this matter is likely to be resolved, returning to business as usual timeframes that we can rely on and plan around. Thanks!

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Craig Staff asked 3 years ago

Hi Paul!

I am so sorry for this trouble. I rolled out a new caching system a couple of days ago that might be causing this issue, but I haven’t noticed it yet.

Let me dig into this further and run some more tests. I will get it sorted out and report back. Thanks for the heads up.

  • Craig
Craig Staff replied 3 years ago

@Paul Plewman Hey Paul, actually can you give me a little more info.
So to confirm, this is all on the uploading stage right? When you upload, are you using our main uploader or are you importing via Drive, Dropbox, etc.
After you upload, do you see anything at all on the My Uploads page i.e. like a thumbnail or a temporary thumbnail or do you just see nothing there except your previous uploads?
Thanks for your help!

Paul Plewman replied 3 years ago

This was when i was uploading, yes. Specifically when uploading from my cell phone via the chrome app., which is how I have always used the service.
There was no evident break in service, the upload completes as expected and I still reach the confirmation page (with the little robot telling me it will be ready in 5-10mins).
Where I clicked through to the library, to see work in progress, there is no evidence of the video uploading.
After a couple of attempts at this, I passed the video over to my desktop and uploaded it from there. That time worked in normal time.

Craig Staff asked 3 years ago

Hey Paul.. .Well that escalated fast… lol.

So, the site went down partially because of a new caching system I put into place and that was causing your upload issues.

I ditched it, hence fixing the problem with a sledgehammer instead of a scalpel.

So, I would assume you should be good to go.

Sorry about that!!

But, if you have any other issues please let me know and I appreciate you letting me know in this case as well.



Paul Plewman replied 3 years ago

Thanks for the note – tested this again this morning, following the old process of uploading directly from my phone. Again, it didn’t work.

Remedy was the same – I had to wait until I was back to my desktop to get the content off my phone and onto my computer to upload directly from there. There is nothing in the UX to confirm there was any issue from my phone upload, the confirmation email just never arrives and the video is just not available within Clipscribe until I have uploaded from my computer.

Please look into this again.

Craig Staff replied 3 years ago

@Paul Plewman Oh no! Ok, that is odd. Sorry about that, I thought for sure this was related to the cache issues we were having. Ok, might be something else.
Sounds like a phone issue. What device are you using? Also, how are you uploading it? Straight from your photo library or something else?

Craig Staff replied 3 years ago

@Paul Plewman Hey paul. Actually I see an error report from you although it doesn’t tell me why, but it does look like you uploaded from your iPhone. I just tested iPhone upload and it went through fine, so it doesn’t seem to be an iPhone issue.
Next time you try to upload, could you do a video screen capture on your iPhone so I can see what happens?
Also, I am going to add some more debugging on your account so I can try to figure out what is going on.
Also if you could upload the video straight from your photo library to dropbox (or something similar) and send it to me, I would like to put it in my photo library and try uploading it. (If it isn’t too much trouble.)
– Craig

Paul Plewman replied 3 years ago

iPhone 11 Pro, fully updated.
Uploading straight From phone

A screen recording won’t show you anything – it’s exactly as it should be. The upload bar ticks across until fully uploaded and then I get the robot screen saying it’s been successfully uploaded and will be 5-10mins. But then the follow up email never arrives telling me subtitles are ready.

Can upload to Dropbox. What are your details for me to share it with?