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Zach Schuenke asked 4 years ago

I have had a video in “making video” mode for like 15 hours as of right now. It’s a 1:15 min video so something’s wrong.

Thank you!


Craig Staff replied 4 years ago

Hey Zach!
So, I am seeing one that went through: Abiel Cano RT Testimonial1-2

But I am seeing others that error’d out when trying to upload.

Are you not seeing the Abiel Cano RT video ready to go? I am showing it is complete with the transcription part.

On the other videos, it looks like there were likely some network issues between you and us.

When that is the case, I highly recommend using the DropBox or Google Drive import buttons as it will ensure your videos get to use even if the network is not totally reliable.

– Craig

Craig Staff replied 4 years ago

Hey zach. Sorry, I just realized what you were asking.
One moment.
– Craig