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Travis Murrells asked 5 years ago

Just wondering if there is another way of writing our own subtitles and time lines for the subs?

The automatic one is far off from being accurate and the time blocks that are automatically uploaded are clumpy and make editing hard.

Is there another way we can write our own subtitle script and time blocks?

1 Answers
Craig Staff asked 5 years ago

Hey Travis.  
Not just yet.
I checked out your video and the system can’t pick up your audio clearly enough to transcribe it without a mic.  If you added a clip-on mic, it would change everything.  I know that may not be ideal while you are training, but it will make a huge difference in the video quality as well.  Audio and lighting are the 2 most important factors in video.
I did add a system yesterday where you can adjust the timings of the blocks, so maybe that will help.
I actually am going to be adding the ability to start from scratch as well, so that would solve this for you.  Will probably be a few weeks before I do that though.
Let me know how else I can help or if you have any questions.