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Steven Bierfeldt asked 3 years ago

Could you tell me the best setting/template to use if I took a handheld selfie style video with the phone tall/vertical?

Sometimes it looks to cut off the top of the title or the bottom of the subtitles. And if the scene has two lines of subtitles, the bottom one gets cut of completely when I post to a facebook page and then try to watch it on mobile.

For a video shot tall/vertically on my phone, what is the best set up to use to make sure all the subtitles can be read?

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Craig Staff asked 3 years ago

Hi Steven!

Unfortunately, this is more of a shooting issue than it is a ClipScribe issue. My recommendation is to only shoot vertical if you are only using vertical platforms like Snapchat, IGTV, IG or FB Stories or TikTok.

Those are the only platforms that support vertical fully. Otherwise your video will automatically get cropped.

I made a video on FB about Vertical vs Horizontal not too long ago:

The best route is to shoot horizontal/HD and then go from there up to vertical. If you go the other way, stuff is almost always going to get cropped.

I talk about how to go from horizontal to vertical in this video as well:

Alternately, you could shoot vertical and then just use the same layouts mentioned in the above video, but your original vertical video is going to have to be first downsized to horizontal with the blurry bars on the sides, which just doesn’t make a lot of sense really.

Hopefully I am not dropping too much info. on you at once, but feel free to follow-up with any questions.