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Nabs asked 3 years ago


I need help with retrieving a deleted video

Craig Staff replied 3 years ago

@Barbara Sprout Hi Barbara. There is a good chance I can help. Can you help me identify the video? Did you name it something specific or does it have a certain filename or is it your most recent upload or your only deleted file?
Let me know and I will see if i can restore it.

Barbara Sprout replied 3 years ago

Hey Craig. I can’t remember how I named it. But it is about a former street child (Sulaiman) sharing his dream after being rescued from the streets. He is wearing a red shirt. He was talking slowly in the video. Please help me retrieve it. I need to redo the subtitles for an event. Thank you.

Craig Staff replied 3 years ago

@Barbara Sprout Do you know around when you might have uploaded the video? Or how long the video is? You have a lot of videos, so i need something to search for. If you have a general upload date that would help, or if you have the original video or part of a filename?

I did a search for “Sulaiman” in our subtitle database and didn’t find any results. So, I did a search for “Street Children” and found 4 or 5 videos under your account, but none of them had been deleted.

They were “Olivia no-pics”, “CRC Director – With pics in background”, “Message From Olivia…” and “Video 5 – Your Generosity…”

But like I said, none of these videos had been deleted.

Let me know how I can help further…