The “Make” function is taking a long time

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Mitch Wiggins asked 4 years ago

So I am on this page: it’s taking a long time to load – how long should this take?

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Craig Staff asked 4 years ago

Hi Mitch,

It depends on a few factors, but you can generally expect it to take around a minute per every minute of video you have. So, if your total finished running time of your "made" video is 3 minutes, it will take somewhere around 3 minutes. Looks like your video is around 8 minutes so give or take around 8 minutes. Looks like it took about 13 minutes to finish in this case.

It looks like the original video you uploaded is uncompressed possibly as the file size is close to 1 GB, so you can expect encode times to take a bit longer in that case.

If you upload an mp4 then your encodes and uploads can be quite a bit faster. If you want tips on how to do that, I am happy to provide those. Just let me know how you are shooting your video, etc. or what editing software you are exporting it from and I can make a couple of recommendations that will help speed things up for you.