Video downloading without data and in unopenable format

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Neil Bell asked 4 years ago

Hi this is only a recent problem… didnt have this problem a month ago.

Another problem I have been having is when finalising the video, my Title will delete so my videos are missing the headline! (2 big problems that has taken a load of my time up)



Craig Staff replied 4 years ago

@Neil Bell Hey Dave. Checking now. I assume this is your most recent video? I will check that one out, but if it is another one I need to look at please let me know.

1 Answers
Craig Staff asked 4 years ago

Hey, this was actually resolved a couple of days ago. So, any videos you had this issue on, just re-make them and you should be all set.

I assume this was one of the videos affected:

I am remaking it now for you, so please confirm that it is all set.