The video is taking forever to upload

HelpdeskCategory: QuestionsThe video is taking forever to upload
Clare Humphreys asked 12 months ago
Craig Staff replied 12 months ago

Hi Claire! So, we use a third party upload service that is quite reliable, so generally uploading issues come down to the network between you and them.
So, a few questions:

1. How large is your video in file size?
2. What file extension does it use? (.mov, .mp4)?
3. Are you uploading it over a hardwired network connection, wifi or cell?


Craig Staff replied 12 months ago

Hey Claire. I just got a notification that you had an upload error as well, so I would try to upload your video to either DropBox or Google Drive. If it doesn’t work, you will know that it is your network. If it works, then it is very simple to transfer the videos from Drive/DropBox to ClipScribe using the Google Drive and DropBox importer buttons.
Still would help to know the info. above though so I can help you as thoroughly as possible.

– Craig

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Clare Humphreys answered 12 months ago

Brilliant, thanks Craig, all resolved and uploaded