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Lora Colautti asked 3 years ago

The Videos that I am making I am choosing certain thumbnails so that when they save and are uploaded to social media, the thumbnail isn’t a funny face. Until recently, when I make and download the videos, the thumnails have stayed how I made them. Now when I make and download the videos, the thumbnails change and are of funny faces. I tried downloading one a couple times to see what would happen and they are different thumbnails everytime they are saved. How do I get the videos to download with the thumbnail I make for it?

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Craig Staff asked 3 years ago

Hi Lora!

So, it isn’t possible to embed a thumbnail in a video yet. When you upload a video to social, you have to (in most cases) upload a separate thumb.

I think Instagram is the only option where they don’t let you upload a thumbnail and they just choose it for you which might be what is happening.

When we have the option where you can change the preview thumbnail, that is just for ClipScribe. The thumb doesn’t follow your video as there isn’t a way presently to embed a thumbnail in the video. That is talked about in this video:

You can create a thumbnail by using the second option where you can export a frame grab and then use that to create a thumbnail you can download which is talked about in this video:

Actually I went live on our FB group and went through this in more detail:

But, you would have to upload the thumb to the network. I do have an option coming where you will be able to add the thumb to the first frame of your video so that Instagram can use it as the thumb, but it will add a flash of a thumb to the video itself which will look a little odd, but that feature isn’t live yet.

I am guessing you are probably wanting to do this for Instagram? If it is Facebook or LinkedIN let me know as you can upload a thumb there.

Please let me know if you have follow-up questions to this as I know it is a bit confusing.