timer and editing out a block of vidoe at the end

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Bill Soady asked 2 months ago

Hi Craig,

I have looked at your trianing videos but cannot see how to fix my small issues.

I have two questions:

1) The timer bar resets after each frame and doesn’t time to the full length of the video which is 6.08 mins. Can you tell me how to make it run the full length of the video? Thanks

2) I want to delete some of the video at the end of the video. I have deleted the text in the text boxes using the "eye" and even deleted the text box itself, but the end of the video will not delete and it still plays. Can you help with this? Thanks

2 Answers
Craig Staff answered 2 months ago

Hi Bill!

I assume on the countdowns you mean in the preview editor and not in your final download? Let me know. The preview editor just shows a bit of the countdown to save processing, but in your final video download (after clicking MAKE) you should see the entire countdown.

On the deletion question… You have a few options.

  1. If you want the section of your video to play (say the last block for instance) but you don’t want either the subtitles OR the background box (if colored in) behind your subtitles to show, you would use the hide text or hide box options.
  2. If you don’t want the last block to play at all essentially editing that part of your video out, just click the little eyeball icon. Any block with that eyeball turned off will be removed and will not show at all in the final download. Also it will be removed when you preview and play back in the editor as well.

Let me know if these don’t answer your questions fully.



Bill Soady replied 2 months ago

Thanks for the reply, Craig. The countdown I understand your answer and think it is OK.

However I have tried deleting the eye on the final couple of blocks, but they still play even though I have deleted them! Please help. Thanks

Craig Staff replied 2 months ago

@Bill Soady Ok Bill I see the issue. Give me a few moments to resolve this for you.

Craig Staff answered 2 months ago

Ok Bill. Thanks for the heads up. You should be all set. Please download that video and let me know if there are any other issues.

I resolved the issue that was causing this as well.

ANY other questions, definitely let me know.



Bill Soady replied 2 months ago

OK Thanks, Craig, I will check it out tomorrow, much apprecaited!


Bill Soady replied 2 months ago

Hi Craig, the problem is the same. The eyes are cancelled but the final frames still play. Thanks for your help.

Bill Soady replied 1 month ago

It worked! Thanks, I forgot to download it!