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Matt Gibbs asked 3 years ago

Hi Craig,

I saw your Facebook advert yesterday about all the different ways it’s possible to create content from a single video.

I thought I must give that a go today.

However, I made the mistake of uploading to ClipScribe the unedited version of the video I took on my phone, i.e. with a few seconds at the beginning and end where I am in and out of camera.

I have edited the subtitles and created a video, however, when I post-edited it in Movavi it has black lines on the right and left side.

I thought of re-uploading that video to ClipScribe, but I imagine it will first try and re-process the audio into new subtitles.

Is there a way I can take the original video I uploaded into ClipScribe and have edited subtitles on (it’s a 2-minute video, but I would rather not go through the whole edit process again if I can find a workaround) and just chop off the front and back that is superfluous?

Thanks in advance for your reply.

Kind regards,


Craig Staff replied 3 years ago

@Matt Gibbs Yes Matt, it is quite easy to make these edits. BUT, let me take a look at your video real quick so I can see what you mean by the black lines.
One moment and I will be right back.

Matt Gibbs replied 3 years ago

Hi Craig,
thanks for getting back to me so quickly.
Just for clarity.

The black lines are not in ClipScribe. They essentially materialise when I post edit in Movavi as the square format from Clipscribe goes into a 16:9 format in Movavi, so the Movavi output is the Clipscribe square with black lines either side to fill out into the 16:9 format.

I am sure you will understand what I mean above.


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Craig Staff asked 3 years ago

Hey. Here is how you can edit out those sections very easily.

As far as the movavi question, I am not really following, so if you can give me more details that would be great, or maybe the point is moot now that you can edit your video on ClipScribe.

Let me know.



Matt Gibbs replied 3 years ago

Boom ! Brilliant. You’re the man.
The other stuff is moot now.
Thank you kindly.
Have a great day.