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Djamchid Nezzar asked 2 years ago

HI there, I was looking forward to use your service but I’m having issues with the transcript it’s taking time to transcript the subtitles. I understand that there is issues sometimes but now it’s getting frustrating I CAN’T EVEN START WORKING ON THE EDITS to be able to pubslish my videos. If you can look into it, that would be great if I see that it keeps repeating, I’m afraid I will cancel my membership. Thank you

Craig Staff replied 2 years ago

@Djamchid Nezzar Hi! Thanks so much for letting me know you are having issues. I will check into this right now.
Feel free to just reply to the email notification you get from this ticket ANYTIME if you have any issues. I will make sure you are taken care of asap.
Back in a few.

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Craig Staff asked 2 years ago

Ok it looks like they have all been transcribed.

The first one took about 4 minutes and then you have one that looks to have been deleted before it finished and then the last upload also took about 4 minutes.

If the Uploads page doesn’t seem to be updating (the little progress bars above each thumbnail), just refresh the page to double check. Shouldn’t take longer than 10 minutes to transcribe typically.

Also, you should get an email when they are ready. That is probably the most accurate way to check.

Sorry for the confusion. I am going to take a look at the progress bars and see why they may not be updating correctly.

Again anything else you need at all, just let me know.