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Ben Phillips asked 3 years ago


I’ve finally logged in to use ClipScribe for the first time!

I just recorded a pretty long (56min) video and its file-size is about 8.7Gb.

The upload failed saying it was above the maximum upload size allowed, but to try dropbox or drive uploaders.

I couldn’t find reference to any size limitations or length limitations on the site.

Can you let me know what they are? If I did try the alternate uploaders, would those work, or is the file size too big regardless?

Craig Staff replied 3 years ago

@Ben Phillips

Hi Ben!

So, posted the limit is 2 GB. However, I don’t necessarilly mind larger files coming through, except that they make life harder on you the user. I would say a 56min 8.7 GB file is probably uncompressed? Although it could be mildly compressed. We use a 3rd party upload service called Filestack and 8 GB is probably beyond their limits. I don’t think I have seen an upload that large on ClipScribe before, so it is kind of unknown territory.

An uncompressed file will take longer to upload and much longer to encode, so I do recommend some mild compression as it will just make your life easier.
So a few questions….
1. Is it is a .mov file or a .mp4?
2. Was it shot on a smartphone or DSLR camera (or something else)? (which phone would help.)
3. If it was shot on a DSLR, are you on windows or Mac?


Ben Phillips replied 3 years ago

Hey Craig! Thanks for the speedy reply. Love your service commitment!

Prior to receiving this response, I tried uploading it into Drive and then loading it from there. It worked! But….its has since been attempting to transcribe the video all day (more than 8 or 9 hours!)
Would this be because it was uncompressed video, or just that it is 56 minutes long?? (with a lot of big words?)

With regard to your questions about the tech and file properties – I’m using a Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra – shooting at Full HD (Auto) – I think the ‘auto’ refers to frame-rate. I didn’t attempt to compress it in any way, so unless this was done automatically by the phone, I’d say it is uncompressed.

(As a side note: what do you think is the best way to compress video, do you have a recommended app/program? I have used ‘anyvideo converter’ in the past. Not sure if that is still a good option or not).

According to Windows properties, the file is MP4 1920×1080, 29.96 frames per sec, 256kbps 2-channel audio at 48kHz – not sure how much of that detail you need!

Craig Staff replied 3 years ago

@Ben Phillips Hey Ben! I am checking on it now to see what happened during the subtitle transcription. I will report back asap and will address your other questions.

Ben Phillips replied 3 years ago

Hi Craig.
I’m not sure what happened to this thread…but I can’t find the other answers you sent me, and my further comments.
I was wondering if you saw my feature request – whether or not there will be some way in the future to either append an ‘animated logo’ -style grab (5 or 10sec long) to either the beginning or end of a clipscribe video (or even…pushing the boundary a bit further…perhaps splicing it in at a point in the video, like after a little intro grab of video, but before the main body of the content continues…??) I understand if its not on your radar, because you are clear that clipscribe is not designed to be a full editor…but just thought “no harm in asking”!!

I’m happy with my first attempt for sure.
I found there were some issues (but again, this might be because of the length of the vid). The last 5 min or so, the subtitles failed, and they froze!
And in the last maybe third of the video, it seemed like the timing was a little out, and the subtitles ended up being just a tad AHEAD of the video rather that perfectly matched…but only by a fraction of a second, so I’m not complaining.
Thanks for the response about the block of text for the URL – I assumed that is what I would need to do, just wanted to know if there was any other way around it.

Thanks heaps…

I’m SOOOO going to use this more often now that I’ve finally popped my cherry!

Craig Staff replied 3 years ago

@Ben Phillips
One of the next features is going to be an intro/outro feature which will allow you to add intros and outros to your videos, so yeah it is coming.
If the timing is off enough to be noticeable towards the end of your video, let me know.

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Craig Staff asked 3 years ago

Ok Ben, your video is ready to go. I re-ran it on my end and it went through, so I am going to have to dig a bit to see why it failed the first time.

So your video looks ok from a compression stand-point, so I think the main thing is just the length. With a video that long, you could just adjust the quality settings OR you could record it at 1280X720, which in my opinion would be totally fine especially if your end-point is social media.

Your current video’s bitrate is 22 mb/second, so you if your Samsung allows you to adjust those quality settings you could also try to adjust that downward.

On iPhones, you can download camera software that give you more control, so you could check the android store for that. I use one called MoviePro that lets me have a lot more control over the quality level of my videos.

But your video is using the H.264 codec which is perfect. ClipScribe is primarily made for shorter marketing videos rather than long-form content, but all is welcome.

If you are on windows, you could try downloading Handbrake as well to see if you can get your videos to a smaller size. It is a well-known video converter.

I am here if you need further help though, as you start to work on this video.

Thanks much!


Ben Phillips asked 3 years ago

Super-amazing Craig.

Thank you – I’m in process with my first sub-title edit….and I’m loving it!

Ben Phillips replied 3 years ago

Actually – I’ve watched all your current turtorials…and I understand clipscribe is not designed to be a primary editor…

But can you see if as a feature upgrade, you could allow adding to the start or end (and if possible) splicing in to a clipscribe video a separate “splash” video for branding purposes?
I have an animated logo with sound that goes for either 5 or 10 sec, and it would be great to apply this from within clipscribe!

Ben Phillips asked 3 years ago

Oh – as I’m editing subtitles and I get to the end of one page, do I need to press SAVE before I click "View More" or does clipscribe auto-save changes on this page before showing the next bunch of subtitles in the editor?

Ben Phillips asked 3 years ago

Oooh…another question…

Can you change the text font for just ONE subtile block? – I am using a template of yours, and I love it for the most part, but I have a really long URL to put in, and I’d like the subtitle text to be a little smaller so I can display it just in one block?

Craig Staff replied 3 years ago

@Ben Phillips Hey Ben, you don’t have to click SAVE when you click VIEW MORE, anytime you click view more, it auto-saves all of your subtitles.
If you want special text for your URL you should hide the subtitles and add timed text:


When you click the Add Text you will see in that tutorial, you will also see that each block has a Hide Box and Hide Subtitles option, so you can just hide the normal subtitles.

We have some more robust options coming on individual subtitle editing, but until those roll out, these should work just fine for you.