Uploaded subtitles not showing up

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Kelsey Eigler asked 4 years ago

Hey! So we’ve edited a few videos on ClipScribe and we wanted to remake some of them because we recently changed our branding.
We’re only changing the backgrounds and the subtitles are to remain the same but for some reason, the edited subtitles from before are not showing up?
We exported all of the subtitles we made using ClipScribe so we tried uploading them but it doesn’t update the subs on the video I’m editing.
I tried saving and refreshing but the subs still aren’t updating. Issue occurs on multiple videos so it’s not an isolated case.
Is there a way to solve this bug? Thanks in advance!

Craig Staff replied 4 years ago

Hey Kelsey. Can you email me a couple of the SRT files and let me know the video they go with?


– Craig