video not uploading onto clip scribe today! 08032020

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neesha gan asked 4 years ago

videos are not uploading into clip scribe today! is it due to the new updates?? 

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Craig Staff asked 4 years ago

Hi Neesha,

No, the none of the updates have any connection with the uploader.

Uploading issues are almost always due to some sort of network connection between you and us. We use a pretty solid uploader.

Because of this, it is very hard to debug uploading trouble, so my recommendation when uploading is the issue is just to:

1. Wait until whatever the networking issue is, is corrected. Often it is just a temporary issue that resolves itself.
2. Use the Google Drive or DropBox importer. While our uploading system is pretty great, Google & Dropbox is better I am sure, so uploading to them and then importing to us from them is probably the best option as most people have either a DropBox or Drive account. The import from them to us is pretty much instantaneous. However, this often will let you know if you are having a network issue on your end because some also have trouble uploading to DropBox or Drive, so if that is the case, it will help you to know whether or not that is the issue.

Let me know how else I can help.


Craig Staff replied 4 years ago

BTW, I did just upload a video to test and it uploaded right away.