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Brian Kiplinger asked 5 years ago

I’ve tried uploading a video a few times. I get the notification that the system is working on it and that I will get an email when it’s ready, but nothing is happening. Please advise. 
Thank you!

Craig Staff replied 5 years ago

Checking on this now Brian. Can you give me the filename?

Craig Staff replied 5 years ago

Hey Brian. I see 3 jobs for you, one was a file you uploaded last night that I actually emailed you about, that I don’t believe would have worked last night, but should now.

The other two are empty, but that is probably due to a bug I just resolved.

To be 100% sure, I would go ahead and try to upload again.

I am happy to test with your file to be sure there isn’t anything afoot with it.

You can upload it here if you want:

Did you by chance get the email I sent last night? Just want to make sure there isn’t an email issue. Maybe check spam.


Brian Kiplinger replied 5 years ago

Sorry, thought I added the file name. Uploaded it to dropbox.
The file is FBAdCommercialWOWraporsubs

Craig Staff replied 5 years ago

Thanks Brian!
So, I was able to upload it without issue, so it must have been the bug last night before I fixed it.
I went ahead after uploading it to my account to test, I just moved it over to your account, so you can login and go to My Videos and you can see it there.
Just click the plus button to choose a layout.

Ping me back if you have any other issues at all and thanks for your patience and for letting me know about this issue.
– Craig