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Judith George asked 3 years ago

I have a question – I actually was testing another subtitle program for a client. I found that the videos that are exported from ClipScribe are compressed more so a 16MB file becomes 3MB. The other programs is exporting at the same size 16MB. Why would they be so different? I’m concerned the smaller file will look so good online. Any thoughts?

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Craig Staff asked 3 years ago

Hi Judith!

Could be a number of reasons for this. We encode our videos into H.264 mp4 files which are ideal for online viewing and we export them at a default quality level because we get some videos uploaded that are uncompressed .mov files for example which are not portable (idea for uploading or encoding). Uncompressed video is ideal for archival purposes. So, that would be my guess is, they could be exporting the video in the exact same format as the original upload, but without looking at the code I couldn’t say.

You can always change your export settings on the editor page. There is a little gear icon you can click and you can change the quality and encode speed as well as the target resolution. I generally don’t recommend changing these settings as it can significantly increase your encoding time, but they are there if you need them. Note that those settings will affect all of your videos once you change them, so if you change them, make sure you change them back if you are just doing testing.

Let me know if you have any follow-up questions.



Judith George replied 3 years ago

Thank you!! Answers my question.