How to insert slide at end of video

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fammarketingfinanceofamerica-com asked 1 year ago

Good afternoon,

I’m hoping there’s a way to insert a slide at the end of my video – separate from the footage. At the end of the video, I’d like to have 5-10 seconds of a still frame that has the photo, logo & contact information for whoever is speaking in the video. Is this something I can do? I looked through the Helpdesk topics and did not find an answer.


Craig Staff replied 1 year ago


Thanks for the question. Let me clarify. Do you mean tack it on after your main video (extending the length of your uploaded video) or do you want it to show up during the last 5-10 seconds of the uploaded video?

– Craig

Hi Craig, I was able to show the image for the last few seconds of the video. I’m hoping that I can extend the video out a few more seconds so the slide is visible for longer, but I’m not covering up any of the footage.

Craig Staff replied 1 year ago

@fammarketingfinanceofamerica-com Ok, we don’t this feature live, but I can probably add a few seconds for you. Why don’t you let me know which video and how long you want it to extend?
– Craig

Hi Craig,
The video is called “John Volk – Video #2” and an additional 5 seconds on the end would be fantastic! Thanks.
This is something that our team will need to do with all of our videos moving forward. Is this tool currently a beta feature or in the works? I understand that clipscribe isn’t intended to be video editing software, but having this tool available would help immensely with efficiency if we’re able to add captions, titles and extend without having to switch to different applications.

Craig Staff replied 1 year ago

@fammarketingfinanceofamerica-com Ok I am close on this. Can you email me the image you want to use at the end of the video? Send it to
Going forward this feature won’t be online, I am just testing this for now, but it will be an upcoming feature in the next couple months.
– Craig