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chris pickard asked 6 months ago


My latest 3 videos are not making. And a 4th I can’t check the subtitles on.

I made sure I uploaded them in 16:9 format this time, and they are only 60 seconds long.

Thank you in advance.


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Craig Staff answered 6 months ago

Hi Chris,

The last video I am showing the MAKE button was clicked was "Hypertension Core 4" and that one and the previous 3 or 4 appear to have completed correctly.

The ones after that I am not showing the MAKE button was clicked.

I clicked make on this one: and it looks to have finished well and is ready to download.

I went through the other 3 you have that haven’t clicked MAKE yet and was able to click the subtitles tab and view them.

So will need more details.

What happened when clicking MAKE on the newest ones? Exactly which one were you not able to view the subtltes, etc.



chris pickard answered 6 months ago

I think I may have overloaded he system uploading 4 videos in one go.

I was unable to edit them earlier today.

Every time I pressed \’Make\’ it came up with you blue \’waiting\’ logo – see attached.

sorry – couldn’t attache as I’d saved it as a PNG file

Only 1 left to do now is the \’Fat Back\’ one which is still showing the blue signal

Craig Staff replied 6 months ago

@chris pickard Ok let me run the Fat Back one and see what happens. I may have to login as you. Are you on Desktop or mobile when clicking MAKE?

chris pickard replied 6 months ago

With the Fatback one I still have yet to ok the subtitles, and the template now needs reloading! I’m on a laptop. Go ahead

Craig Staff replied 6 months ago

@chris pickard Ok give me a minute. I am going to login and record the process. I am going to load a template up on that one and then MAKE it.
– C

Craig Staff replied 6 months ago

@chris pickard OK Chris, I think I got it.
Made you a quick video:

chris pickard replied 6 months ago

Thank you Craig. Well, unlike last time when using a different browser made no difference, this time – it turned out to be a Mozilla problem. Everything worked properly in Chrome!
I really like your product and hopefully things will run smoother and smoother for you (and us!)

Craig Staff replied 6 months ago

@chris pickard Oh wow! Good to know. I’ll run some firefox testing.
Things will smooth out. Unfortunately this is just part of the package when rolling out a big update, but things are almost fully ironed out save a few issues like these.
Thanks for your patience and feedback and being willing to help me solve some of these issues quickly.
– C