Videos not uploading to LinkedIn

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Paul Kimberlee asked 6 months ago

The videos I download from here on the PC aren’t uploading correctly to Linkedin?? They upload but then it says uploading is processing but never finishes. This typically happens when the file format isn’t compatible (like uploading .mov to Linkdein from Windows). Any help? 

Paul Kimberlee replied 6 months ago

Cheers craig redownloading sorted it out. No idea what was happening. Back to the video making.

2 Answers
Craig Staff answered 6 months ago

Hi Paul.
Can you double check the filename for me? It should be adaptyourEnglishtotheirlevel.mp4. If it is something else let me know.
Does the file play fine on your computer/device?

– Craig

Paul Kimberlee replied 6 months ago

I’m not getting the .mp4 at the end but otherwise it’s the same. It’s playing on my PC no problem, and does show as an .mp4 if I check the file properties, so I’m not sure.

Craig Staff answered 6 months ago

Hey Paul,
I just tested it myself and it uploaded to LinkedIn and processed. So, I would re-download the file and if it doesn’t work, try uploading it from another browser or device.


Paul Kimberlee replied 6 months ago

Ok thanks yes that makes sense I’ll give that a go.