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Glenn Doherty asked 4 years ago

Hey guys
Tried to upload two videos, one about 375MB and the other 175MB.  They start to upload then pause part way through.
Are you able to explain why?  I just signed up looking for a good editor but not a great start if I cannot upload.

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Craig Staff asked 4 years ago

Hi Glenn,  We use FileStack which is one of the top third-party uploader services.  (If not, the top uploading service).  That said, there are probably 5% of our users who have issues uploading.
The issue is difficult to troubleshoot because the likelihood is, it is some type of a network issue between you and the FileStack servers.  The issue will likely resolve itself.
But, in my opinion, your quickest and the easiest route would be to just use the DropBox or Google Drive import buttons on the uploader.
However, if that is not acceptable, I can walk you through some troubleshooting options.
Let me know how you want to proceed.