videos still have white lines and downloading in awful quality

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Jay Jay asked 3 years ago

My videos still have white lines over the timebar when I download them. I’ve tried updating the template to see if that would help and it doesn’t. I asked a question about this a few days ago and was told the issue it fixed but it doesn’t look like it from my part, because I’m still getting lines on most of the videos I am making.

I also just finished a video and it is downloading in awful color quality. I’ve tried resaving the video and remaking it and the color is still horrible when I download it. I attached a screenshot of the video.

Craig Staff replied 3 years ago

Hey @Jay Jay ok, let me check it out. I thought I had fixed the line issue, but let me check again on that video.
On the color thing, I can’t see why that would be happening at all, so let me check that out too. Back in a few.

Jay Jay replied 3 years ago

Thank you

Jay Jay replied 3 years ago

The color and line thing are happening on another video I just finished and downloaded a few minutes ago as well

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Craig Staff asked 3 years ago

Ok Jay. So a few things here.

The easiest fix on the white line is just so set the canvas setting to black. The white line is the white canvas showing through. I am still going to try to sort it out on my end, but that is the quickest and easiest fix for you to get on your way. I show you how to do that in my loom video below.

So the color issue has to do with your original upload. It was recorded in HVEC format which is a format that currently doesn’t play well with others. It will look fine in Quicktime, but browsers don’t display it correctly. (Which is why the colors look washed out in the editor).

The only way to really resolve this is to make sure you don’t shoot in HVEC mode. I have been able to use iMovie to convert these HVEC videos over to H.264 and preserve the correct colors though, so if you want to replace any of these by doing that I am happy to replace them.

I have been working to try to be able to re-encode these on our end, but haven’t had much luck yet, but will keep trying as I am seeing more of them come through.

I made you a loom to show you how to fix the white line by changing the canvas color and also to go into more detail on the HVEC color issue.

If you have just a few videos, I can probably just manually reconvert and replace them on my end for you just to save you some effort, but going forward I would just adjust that setting in your camera settings.

Let me know how you want to proceed.