What are the correct top bar design sizes.

HelpdeskCategory: QuestionsWhat are the correct top bar design sizes.
Adam Brockway asked 5 years ago
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Craig Staff asked 5 years ago

Hi Adam!

I didn’t understand your question at first and then I just realized it. The full sized top bar is 1920×420 on the square video option is calculated like this: The entire frame is 1920X1920 so 1920 height – the video height which is 1080 = 840 and divide that by two for the top banner size and the bottom banner size which are both 420 px high. So, the top and bottom banners on a square video, if you are making a background image should be 1920X420.

That said, not all of the layouts are that obvious as to the heights, so let me work up a FAQ on this to show the exact measurements on all of them. If you have a specific layout you want the height to that is not the one I just mentioned, just let me know.

By the way, you can also just make a full 1920X1920 background too with the top and bottom just as you want it and when you use it as the background, our system will automatically pin it to the top or the bottom based on which bar you are editing. Let me know if that doesn’t make sense.

Thanks Adam!