What Size Videos Can I Upload?

HelpdeskCategory: QuestionsWhat Size Videos Can I Upload?
Craig Staff asked 5 years ago

To work with our designer, videos need to be either 16:9 (horizontal) or 9:16 (vertical). We will create the bars for you above and below your video for your subtitles.

Also, please upload at least video that is 960×540 resolution for horizontal videos and 540×960 resolution for vertical videos.

Any questions or comments, let us know.

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Angelito Felix replied 5 years ago

What video file size is the limit for upload? 500mb, 1g, etc.?

Jai Wilson replied 5 years ago

My 4 min video is getting cut off and it is only producing subtitles for half of it?

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Nigel Gosling asked 5 years ago

Any update on this comment and the MB limit?

Julia Mann asked 5 years ago

Also waiting on this as nothing is uploading at all from my phone .

maggie danesfahani asked 5 years ago

Why doesn’t it accept my quick time movies I pretty much use this for everything?

Gary Carpenter asked 5 years ago

I am trying to upload a simple video from my iPhone. and it takes forever!!! What is the deal?

stuart grunert asked 5 years ago

have tried multiple sizes and nothing works. NOT impressed