Why do I only have 1 layout option?

HelpdeskCategory: QuestionsWhy do I only have 1 layout option?
Patricia Oliver asked 4 years ago

Hello – I just uploaded my first video in vertical format.  I’m only getting one layout option which does not have any dark space on top or bottom for headline and captions below.  Why do I not have all the choices you mention in your training video?

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Craig Staff asked 4 years ago

Hi Patricia.  Our layouts are created by placing bars above and below the video itself.  Because every video is different, we don’t place bars over your video as it would likely cover up areas of your video.  You can still add text to your video and put background colors behind the text, etc.
However, for pre-build layouts, you have to upload a format that allows us to add bars to your video.  Right now, vertical videos are as tall as videos get so if we added bars to the top and bottom, the end result would be too large for any network to accept.
Personally, I recommend shooting traditional HD and then using our layouts to create a vertical video.  Then you have the flexibility to even upload that video to YouTube if you want to, whereas with vertical you are stuck with only a few options.
All of the layouts below are made by:
1.  Taking a horizontal video and stacking bars on it, to then create a larger video, i.e. (vertical, square, portrait, etc.)  
2.  Also with horizontal videos we automatically crop them on the sides so you also have square options.

So, for example in the first layout, we take a 1920X1080 horizontal video and add two 420px bars to the top and bottom making the end result 1920X1920 which is an acceptable format for most social media sites.

However, if we did the same to a vertical video which is 1080X1920, the end result would be 2760X1080 and no sites accept that.  1080 is the tallest video size they will accept.

Additionally, platforms are punishing vertical videos.  IGTV crops them for example.  So the better bet is to use a horizontal video with our vertical layout so when IGTV crops it, your video isn’t cropped.

Hope that helps explain how the system works and if you have further questions please let me know.