Won’t upload pass 12 MB

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Michael featherstone asked 4 years ago

Hi Craig,

Trying to upload a new video from device and goggle drive and it just freezers at between 12 – 20Mb




Craig Staff replied 4 years ago

hey Mike. I am checking in on this and have a ticket in with our upload service. I was able to recreate this issue, so hopefully will have an answer quickly.
– Craig

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Craig Staff asked 4 years ago

Hey Mike. My apologies for the delay in this. Had to wait for them to respond to the ticket.

So, there apparently is an issue with our uploader service concerning files over 1GB going through Google Drive or DropBox.

I am going to try to revive our back up uploader for this case.

In the meantime, I uploaded your video for you and it is in your account.

  • Craig
Michael featherstone replied 4 years ago

Thanks Craig! FYI the only reason I went uploaded from goggle drive is it was the same form my device.