Workflow From Clipscribe to Various Social Channels?

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Jonathan Edwards asked 3 years ago

Hey there Craig. Loving Clipscribe.

Was hoping to find some information on good workflows from Clipscribe to various social channels.

For example…I’m on a PC Desktop and use an iPhone. Is there a best practice to get a Clipscribe video over to TikTok easily? I’m hung up on a best practice there.

Overall, it would be great to have a best practice workflow for all of them. Thoughts?

Jonathan –

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Craig Staff asked 3 years ago

Hi Jonathan!

If I wanted to take it to tik tok, I think I would probably send the video to DropBox and then either upload it to TikTok from DropBox (I think they have this integration?). If not, I would download it to my photo library from DropBox and then post it to Tik Tok.

You can also download videos straight into your photo library on your iPhone, but with iPhone, only safari allows video downloads into the photo library, so just keep that in mind.

If you want to let me know what other platforms you are posting to, I can let you know what I would do.

  • Craig