Hi!  If you are needing help with your ClipScribe membership or videos, please take a look at the following items first!

Account Management 
Account management is self-serve.  You can modify, upgrade, downgrade or cancel your account at anytime.
You can do this anytime by logging in and clicking My Account.  Please note, we don't cancel accounts via email request, so please use the account management area to manage your account as needed.
Please read our membership FAQ if you have questions about how each membership plan works.

Membership Questions
If you have a membership and have questions about the terms of your membership, cancellations, our refund policy, and other related details, click here.  https://clipscribe.com/managing-your-clipscribe-account/

Technical Video Questions
If you are having any issue with a video, your the best way to get assistance is to click the lifesaver icon  either on the thumbnail you see on your My Uploads page or in the video editor.  This will instantly open up a technical support ticket and provide us with the technical details we need to help you quickly.

Password Reset
You can reset your password via our login page: https://clipscribe.com/login/  If you forgot your email, or think you entered the wrong email address when you signed up, please first check your spam and then submit a helpdesk ticket.

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