You keep changing the clocks!

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Dan Casey asked 4 years ago

I’m trying to keep a consistant look with all my videos that I’m creating with you but in the short time I’ve started you’ve change the clocks 3 times.  Please stop.

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Craig Staff asked 4 years ago

Hey Dan! You should have gotten notice on that on your video page. I am very sorry for the trouble and it should be totally resolved now. When I created the new countdown system, I gave the ability for everyone to make their own countdowns. My mistake was, I didn’t make exclusive the old ones. Giving anyone the ability to change the previous ones and re-save it, which is why you would have seen them changing.

I just realized this a few days ago and resolved that.

So, now, what you should do, is click the EDIT icon on the countdown you want to change and save it. THIS TIME it will do what it should have done before which is add that new countdown to your account only and it will show up and no one will be able to change it but you.

If you have any further trouble PLEASE let me know. I just stumbled upon the previous issue, so it always helps if someone lets me know something seems odd. (as you are now and thank you for that.)

Anything else you need let me know.

– Craig