Background of CC text changes size when being “made”

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Kent Krafsky asked 4 years ago

Hello Craig,
My videos all have a light gray background and when I go to make the videos the size of the box gets changed. Any advice/help would be appreciated. Thanks for all you support! Best 

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Craig Staff asked 4 years ago

Hey Kent.  I'm assuming you're talking about the subtitles. Likely what is happening is some of your subtitles Are too large for that box so it is auto adjusting. You either need to resize it to fit all of your subtitles or make your font smaller so that your subtitles don't push down onto two lines.
i've been trying to figure out the best way to deal with this because if that box is not tall enough your subtitles will get cut off.  This is my first attempt but I need to put some notification in there to let you know what is happening.
if you're not talking about your subtitles let me know what it is and I will address that.

Kent Krafsky replied 4 years ago

Yes, I am talking about the subtitles. I did see what you’re talking about during the process of making the subtitles. My approach was to make sure that the text would never go beyond two lines. This worked and I have made about 7 videos but for some reason now when I go to make videos the size of the box automatically gets enlarged beyond the a size that would accommodate two lines. If you are able to see the first videos I made they were OK and I essentially just need to continue making videos int he same way. Thanks!

Craig Staff replied 4 years ago

Ah ok. I hear you. Let me double check this then. I was making a video today and saw something similar, so I will see if I can reproduce and resolve and report back.

Kent Krafsky replied 4 years ago

Hello Craig,

I was wondering if you had seen anything on the videos? Thanks for all your help!

Todd Sullivan asked 4 years ago

I’m also having the same problem, I edit the subtitles and size so that it fits with two lines.  When I hit make the auto resizer enlarges the text and aligns it on top of the video.  Regardless of how small I make the font it still auto resizes and messes it up.  Is there a way to turn off the auto resizer for the subtitles.  I never had a problem before this new feature was added.

Craig Staff replied 4 years ago

@Todd Sullivan and @Kent Krafsky Can you guys try this again? I believe I solved this issue last night and made another change this morning to fix one issue. Here is what happens. 1. You click MAKE. The system checks all of your subtitles and makes sure the box is large enough to fit the longest subtitle you have. If it isn’t, that subtitle gets inserted into the box and the box gets repositioned to the same location with a slight tweak for the new size. It should not make any drastic movements. 2. You are prompted to check the size/location and click MAKE again. If any of this is not working this way, please let me know where the issue is breaking down. The issue is, if that box is not big enough to accommodate, the text will get cut off when you make the video. Thanks! Craig

infotrafficality-com replied 4 years ago

Hey @Todd Sullivan or @Kent Krafsky Did what I do improve this or is it still an issue?
– Craig