How do you receive our referral payouts?

HelpdeskCategory: QuestionsHow do you receive our referral payouts?
Stephen Blackburn asked 4 years ago

I have a few referral rewards in my affiliate area but I don’t know how to get paid out. I have put my email in there but I dont know if you use paypal or what? Please advise.

1 Answers
Craig Staff asked 4 years ago

Hey Stephen,
Go to the affiliate area.  As long as you are a registered affiliate the link will show up in the main menu when logged in.
There you can adjust your settings and make sure your payment email is correct, although it should have been entered when you signed up.
You will generally get paid on the Friday after 2 weeks has past a sale (to make sure no refunds have been requested, etc.)
Let me know if I can help further.
– Craig