How to disable auto size subtitle?

HelpdeskCategory: QuestionsHow to disable auto size subtitle?
Jim Park asked 4 years ago

How do I disable the auto size subtitle feature? It moves the subtitle way out of alignment.

"We have auto-sized your subtitle box with for your longest line to prevent clipping. Please check positioning and click MAKE again."

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Craig Staff asked 4 years ago

Hi Jim,

I am not sure you want to disable it, as it is ensuring the box around your subtitles will be big enough for your longest subtitle line.

If it moves out of alignment, it is trying to re-adjust after sizing the box for your longest line. The box is a fixed size, so if you save it with a single line for example and you have lines that are double, they will get cut off when your videos is made.

While I do agree the functionality needs to be improved, the best thing to do is just increase the height of the box as needed and reposition it and then just click MAKE again and your video should go through just fine.

Alternative to resizing the box, you could lower the font size or you can shorten the length of that particular line of text.

If you still want to disable that feature altogether, I can probably make that happen, so let me know.