Is uploading issue resolved?

HelpdeskCategory: QuestionsIs uploading issue resolved?
Alauddin Ahmed asked 10 months ago

This is happening today for me, with the new uploader.  After file upload progress completes – there is nothing.
Yes, tried the old uploader as well.

Alauddin Ahmed replied 10 months ago

Ah, I think there are couple issues on my end.
I was uploading a Loom file – file name had spaces, not sure if that was the initial reason, but after I removed the spaces from the file name.
I got this message – file size not right.
looks like I might have to re-render with new widthxheight

Alauddin Ahmed replied 10 months ago

ok, rerenderd in camtasia with 720p and upload works!

2 Answers
Craig Staff answered 10 months ago

This was my easiest ticket yet.
Thanks for the notice on the lack of notice on the upload.  I will get that taken care of.
Looks like you sorted out the upload issue, but if you need anything else let me know.
– Craig

Alauddin Ahmed answered 10 months ago

Craig, you are firing off emails with “problem with ClipScribe upload” and the reason as well, but no notification in the actual interface when I am right there trying the upload.