Making Subtitles Invisible/Visible

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Arbinder Uppal asked 4 years ago

Hello, i’m trying to make captions invisible for certain parts of my video. I’ve tried activating the "HIDE TEXT" and "HIDE BOX" option and it didn’t work. Essentially, i’m trying to deactivate the subtitles for a few scenes in the video. Please advise. Thank You!!

TheLearningLoop replied 4 years ago

I have had the same problem. Whenever I utilize the “hide text” and “hide box” toggles on the scenes I don’t want captions, it turns them off for the entire video.

Arbinder Uppal replied 4 years ago

Craig has been super helpful and resolved the issue, great customer service!! Not sure if this will resolve your issue (@TheLearningLoop). For me, it was an issue with the play button. When replaying press in the app, use the play button on the right hand side drop down for the CC menu. Thanks Craig!!